Description: An object-oriented, lightweight content-management system written in PHP/MySQL which powers this very website.
Vesion: 2.1Year: 2007-presentAuthor: Stefan ZicklerLicense: GPL


CAE CMS is my in-house solution for running this website efficiently. Over the past years CAE CMS has grown to be a fairly complete and mature system with a huge amount of features. It currently runs on PHP with MySQL.

This second version of my CMS has been completely rewritten from scratch to result in a cleaner and more object-oriented code that can be easily extended in the future.

  • Complete independence between contents and layout
  • An intuitive web-interface (See Screenshots)
  • Support for various dynamic content-types such as:
    • Blogs (with RSS 2.0 support)
    • Photo-albums with auto-thumbnails, auto-exif, auto zip-packaging
    • Downloads with captcha-style protection
    • Publication listing with automatic BibTeX parsing
    • An Embedded Search Engine
    • Various other layouting tools...
  • A very fast and intelligent content-parser which allows automatic intercontent linking/embedding/creation
  • Server-independent content access restriction system