Description: A rich framework for managing variables in C++ / Qt4.
Year: 2008-presentAuthor: Stefan ZicklerLicense: GPL


VarTypes is a feature-rich, object-oriented framework for managing variables in C++ / QT4.

VarTypes allows hierarchical organization, thread-safety, load/store to/from xml, QT4-based signals, QT4-based model/view visualization.

VarTypes aims to make it easy for application developers to integrate automatic settings loading/storage, even for complex trees of settings. At the same time it allows a user to comfortably edit such settings in real-time without any risks of concurrency problems.

Among supported base types are int, bool, double, string, string enumerations, lists, binary data, and triggers. More complex types can be added easily.

The code, and more in-depth documentation of the project is available at its google code website: